Membership Pin

membershippinThe Hermiston School District Membership Pin was created as a tribute to the outstanding faculty and staff of the Hermiston School District. Upon completion of his/her first school year, the new employee is formally inducted into the Hermiston family and presented with the membership pin.

The design of the Hermiston School District membership pin captures the essence of the School District: a professional work force dedicated to serving children with excellence in all endeavors. The watermelon commemorates the agricultural basis of our community and the commitment to hard work expected of our members. The star represents our continuing aspirations to help our students reach their fullest potential. And the large “H” represents not only Hermiston, but our influence throughout the entire State of Oregon and beyond.

Our new members will be awarded the basic pin, signifying their full acceptance in our School District. Upon successful completion of five years of satisfactory service, employees are awarded a new pin with one highly polished silver rhinestone superimposed upon the “H” in recognition of their service. For each successive five year increment another rhinestone is added. Upon qualifying, our most experienced staff members will be awarded a membership pin with six rhinestones, signifying 30 years of service to the children of this great community.

We are extremely proud of our faculty and staff. We hope you will wear your membership pin with pride and celebrate the incredible work ethic and service offered by our colleagues!