The following is the activities policy of Hermiston High School. Please read it carefully and discuss it with your son or daughter. If you have any questions, please contact the coach/advisor of the particular activity or the District Athletic Director at the High School (667-6118). We request that your son/daughter sign the Activities Contract to certify his/her commitment to the Activities Policy for the current school year.


Each coach/advisor of a school-related activity shall be responsible for determining the training and behavioral standards for the activity which he/she supervises, except as specified below:


The rules listed below shall apply to any student participating in an extra-curricular school activity:

  1. Participants must have passed five classes (2.5) credits the preceding semester to remain eligible. Participants must be enrolled in and passing at least five classes(2.5) credits during the current semester.
  2. A participant who is dropped from an activity for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to participate in any other activity during that season.
  3. To be eligible, a participant must be in good financial standing at Hermiston High School and must have accounted for all previously issued equipment.
  4. A participant may drop one sport and transfer to another only by agreement of both coaches and the Athletic Director.
  5. The participant must be in school the entire day of a practice or contest. Any exception must be cleared through the Athletic Director and/or Principal. Excusable exceptions will be for medical, dental, or pre-excused absences. Any violation of this practice will result in withholding the student from future competition and/or practice.
  6. Attendance at practice is mandatory. Only pre-excused absences, illness, or authorization by the coach will constitute an excused absence. Two unexcused absences from practices or contests may result in suspension from that sport.
  7. No student shall knowingly be involved with alcohol, tobacco or any illegal non-prescription drug * Students will adhere to the athletic code of conduct as listed in school board policy IDGJA. Attached is the link to said policy.
  8. Each student will be responsible for his/her actions and choices in three basic areas:
    • Show respect for self.
    • Show respect for others.
    • Be a law-abiding citizen. Violations include extortion, vandalism, forgery, theft, and the use of/possession of or association with tobacco, alcohol or drugs and any other infraction, which results in a police citation. These violations are address in school board policy IDGJA.


  1. Are expected to devote a 100% effort toward the sport that they are involved with. This effort includes adhering to program, HHS, district and OSAA policies and procedures.
  2. Are not to participate in any off-season sporting activities without the absolute permission of their in-season head coach. This off-season sporting activity at HHS shall be limited to drills or fundamentals, NOT full contact games/matches.
  3. Are not to participate on any AAU, ASA, Club Organizations, etc., that would violate the direction or trust of their HHS coach or program. Participation in one of these organizations shall not interfere with an in-season game or match at any level (frosh ©, JV or Varsity.) Athletes attending an off-season sporting activity in lieu of an HHS in-season game/match, will be dismissed from the program.
  4. Will not be held out of OSAA sponsored all-star competitions, award banquets, etc., as a result of the athletes performance in the IMC or OSAA State Playoffs.
  5. Other situations not specifically covered by this policy should be discussed with the District Athletic and Activities Director for a policy review and decision.
  6. Consequences could be but are not limited to the following:
    • Violation of these rules will result in suspension for a period of time consistent with the seriousness of the infraction.
    • Any misconduct issues not covered by this code shall be resolved by the building Principal and the Athletic Director.
    • Any student accused of a violation of the activity standards is entitled to due process, or fair treatment. The student must be notified of the violation and must be given an opportunity to respond. If penalized, a student may appeal the decision with administrators/school board members in the following order: Athletic Director, building Principal, Superintendent and School Board.


Before any student participates (practice or competition) he/she must be covered by medical insurance. If the participant is not covered by private insurance, through their parents or guardian, they have the option of school insurance. School insurance may be purchased through the main office at the high school. Parents or guardians also have the obligation to notify the athletic director if insurance is cancelled or terminated.

*Note – football insurance covers football only.

Every parent and participant must realize that in all athletic activities there is the possibility of injury. These injuries may range from small bumps and bruises to paralysis or death. The supervisory/coaching staff will take every precaution to see that injuries are kept to a minimum. Participants will be well conditioned, safety factors will be stressed and only equipment in good condition will be issued.


Hermiston High School has a participation fee schedule for students with a desire to take part in athletics and/or activities. This fee must be paid at the HHS bookkeeping office prior to the first contest in any given season. This fee is utilized to offset the costs of operating athletic and activity programs within the Hermiston School District. These fees are non-refundable unless the student athlete is removed from an athletic or activity program during the initial screening/evaluation process. Participation fees do not guarantee placement on a certain team or a specified amount of playing time. Participation fees will only be refunded IF a student athlete is cut from a program. Students removed for disciplinary reasons OR who quit a program WILL NOT receive any refund. Refunds must be requested during the same school year they were paid.


  • Maximum fees per students is $170 per year


You Are Eligible If:

  1. You are less than 19 years of age prior to August 15.
  2. You enter the beginning year of a high school for the first time, regardless of where you reside.
  3. You transfer from one high school to another and your parents or legal guardian move with you to your new school district.
  4. You remain at the school in which you are enrolled, and your parents or legal guardian move out of that district.
  5. You successfully completed at least five classes (2.5) credits of work the immediate preceding semester.
  6. You currently are enrolled in and passing subjects equivalent to at least five classes (2.5) credits of work.
  7. Following initial enrollment you have not exceeded eight (8) consecutive semesters.
  8. You are a foreign student under an exchange program, are not too old and have not graduated from a high school.
  9. You do not accept or enter into any agreement for the purpose of later accepting any compensation or thing of value for or in recognition of athletic abilities except your school athletic letter, small medals, certificates, plaques or emblems.

*Note: Anytime you transfer from one high school to another high school, whatever the circumstances, your Principal/Athletic Director should be consulted immediately.