Kennison Fundraising Committee

In order to meet the needs of the Hermiston community and student athletes, the Hermiston School District, upon the recommendation from the Kennison Field Renovation Committee, spent four months seeking financial support to finalize the Kennison Field Renovation Project for a fall 2013 grand opening.
A funding gap initially existed between available resources (a total of $3.3M from combined District, Booster Club, and preliminary in-kind support), and the initial estimate based on modest project needs identified by the Renovation Committee and community stakeholder and input.
Within three months, the Kennison Field Renovation Fundraising Committee raised the necessary funds, in excess of $1.0M, to ensure the project’s success.
The ~$5.0M project proposal features the following components:
  • One of the highest quality, safest, and most durable synthetic turfs available (designed to accommodate football, soccer, and lacrosse) See G-Max Rating
  • Olympic caliber synthetic track with individual jumping and throwing stations
  • Enhanced 2200 capacity bleacher system for optimal spectator comfort, featuring a comprehensive raised ADA/wheelchair accessible seating section, over 250 contoured reserved stadium seats with backs and armrests, and an additional 250 seats with backrests
  • Elevator accessible, five story tall, seven room press/announcers box with additional video production booth constructed to meet requirements to host State-level events in Hermiston
  • Comprehensive 3 bay concessions and Booster Spirit Booths to meet community and spectator needs
  • 1600 square foot covered gazebo and barbeque plaza
  • 2100 sq ft storage facility
  • Improved parking, lighting, ingress/egress, and pedestrian safety for spectators and handicap patrons
  • Enhanced site amenities, including additional bleachers and lighting for tennis, jumping, and throwing events, decorative fencing and gates, increased green space, stained concrete plaza with raised planters, and attractive ticket booth