CrisisManager Mobile App

16jan-CrisisManagerLogoThe CrisisManager app provides district staff, students and parents with actionable emergency and safety guidelines, along with event-specific contacts to minimize the confusion of “what to do” and “who to call” for specific emergency events. The CrisisManager platform allows plans to be stored locally on each user’s smartphone or tablet computer, ensuring individuals are prepared to take action during a crisis, regardless of telephone or internet connectivity.

CrisisManager offers several valuable features for the user, including but not limited to the following.

  • Building Procedures and Protocols: In the event of an emergency, building procedure and protocols are readily available to the user.
  • Incident Reporting: In the event of an incident, the user may report the situations from their mobile device, including uploading video.
  • Bulling/Harassment Reporting: Under the bullying icon, the user may report an incident confidentialy to building and district officials.
  • Push Notifications: The user can receive push notifications from the district in the event there is an emergency,school closure or delay.

For an informational flyer and directions on how to download the free mobile app, Click here.

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CrisisManager is available on multiple platforms.

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