Meet the Board of Education

Karen Sherman
Karen ShermanChair
Served Since 2001
Term Ends 2017
Occupation: Retired Middle School Teacher
Ginny Holthus
Ginny HolthusVice Chair
Served Since 2009
Term Ends 2019
Occupation: Contract Accountant
Josh Goller
Josh GollerMember
Served Since 2015
Term Ends 2019
Occupation: Health Department Manager
Bonnie Luisi
Bonnie LuisiMember
Served Since 2016
Term Ends 2017
Occupation: Retired Classified Employee
Jason Middleton
Jason MiddletonMember
Served Since 2008
Term Ends 2017
Occupation: Director of Grain Operations
Don Rankin
Don RankinMember
Served Since 2005
Term Ends 2017
Occupation: Retired State Parks & Recreation Department Employee
Dave Smith
Dave SmithMember
Served Since 2011
Term Ends 2019
Occupation: Small Business Owner