Hermiston School District would like to join the National Association of School Nurses in celebrating National School Nurse Day on this 10th of May. Today, more than 73,000 school nurses in the United States are being honored for making a difference in students’ lives.

The role of school nurses has become a critical component as their role helps promote a healthy and safe environment so that students can be ready to learn. On any given day school nurses may see children that are having issues with a food allergy, diabetes, bloody nose, breathing problems, scraped knees, etc.

HSD NursesSchool nurses also help implement and monitor healthcare plans for students that have an individualized plan, and serve as an important link to the school, families and other local health providers on behalf of the students.

“Our nurses do a wonderful job ensuring our children are safe and healthy. We are blessed to have caring, compassionate, collaborative, child-centered nurses,” said Executive Director- Special Programs Dr. John Mishra.

National School Nurse Day has been celebrated since 1972 to help foster a better understanding of the role of school nurses in the educational setting. The theme of this year’s celebration is Healthy Nurse. Healthy Students.