Rocky Heights Elementary redesigned the student drop off/pick-up location on the parking lot that faces W. Standard Avenue to improve efficiency and safety in the main parking lot on the southeast side of the building. The new change will tentatively become effective on Monday, October 30. The change resulted from feedback from the community that was shared over the past two years.

New lines will be painted on October 27 (weather permitting) to clearly delineate two separate lanes—one lane to stop and drop off/pick-up students with the other lane allowing for vehicles to drive through the lane without stopping for long time periods.

Last year, to address the traffic flow on the west side of the school (NW 7th Street), the staff added cones to ensure free access for school buses. The intent was to prevent traffic moving alongside cars when students are getting dropped off. This change made it safer and efficient for students and parents during the drop-off and pick-up times.

To assist students and parents with the new traffic flow, the first several days there will be extra staff in the parking lot before and after school to assist with a successful transition. We ask for the parents’ understanding while we go through this transition time.

Rocky Heights Staff wants to thank the community members that shared their concerns regarding student safety and welcome additional feedback as the staff strives to get better, safer and more efficient in the student pick-up/drop off times.