Release Date: 08/26/2011

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While much has been made about how the new schools incorporate the most modern technology, we haven’t talked much about the efforts made by District staff, the contractors and volunteers to insure each new facility

retains important aspects of its history.

These photos show how each new school incorporated a unique element of its past, giving the staff, students and community an important link to our rich history.

At Sunset Elementary the old facade to the original Union High School will provide a portal to the grassy sloped area and the football field below. I’ve heard several folks comment that this area will likely become Hermiston’s premier sledding area each winter.

At West Park Elementary, the contractor carefully relocated the large tile mural from the old school. This mural was created by staff and students in 1999 and provides a cheerful focal point to the front of the new school.

At Armand Larive a team of dedicated volunteers, led by David Bothum, carefully salvaged the center court logo from the old gym floor and mounted it on the wall of the new gymnasium, creating a striking connection between the current generation of students and all those from the past.