Recently identified as the “Best Prep Stadium in Oregon” by Oregonlive, Kennison Field was again lauded last week, this time by the installers of the premium synthetic turf selected for the complex.  Hellas Company, the manufacturer of Matrix artificial turf, chose to highlight Kennison Field in Hermiston to showcase their state-of-the-art synthetic turf material and installation.  Out of hundreds of stadium installations across the county, they chose to promote Kennison Field at Bulldog Stadium as one of their showcase projects.

As a part of the comprehensive research undertaken by the Kennison Design Committee, the community and district chose Hellas Matrix Turf and their patented E-layer system.  As a result, Kennison Field boasts one of the safest, fastest, and most durable artificial turf installations in the country.  To view some of the unique aerial footage taken by the drone camera, click on the images below to view their promotional video or raw aerial footage.

Hellas Promo Video

Hellas Promotional Video

Kennison Field Drone Video

Aerial Drone Video Coverage