Hermiston School District reminds families that State law requires all students in public and private schools, preschools, certified child care facilities and Head Start have an up to date immunization record or an exemption on file to stay in school. If a student’s record on file shows missing immunizations, the student will not be able to attend school as of February 21, which the state has determined as Exclusion Day.

If a student is missing immunizations, parents have been notified either by mail or with an automated call. Parents have until February 21 to bring their student’s immunizations up to date and take missing immunization information to the student’s school. Students will be admitted back to school once immunizations are current.

Please schedule an appointment with your primary care physician, local Public Health Department or the District Wellness Center, located at Hermiston High School, by calling (541) 667-6199.

“Children should be immunized to keep them healthy and to prevent the spread of diseases in schools,” said Kira Tomlinson, the district’s lead nurse. “If students are healthy they will not miss school and will have the opportunity to get the most of their educational experience.”

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