Superintendent of Schools Dr. Fred Maiocco recognized the Classified Employees of the Year at the board of education meeting last night.

There are 168 classified employees in the Hermiston School District that serve 5,600 students in the roles of clerical staff, paraprofessional, interpreter/translator, library assistant, custodian, maintenance/grounds worker, print shop operator.

Classified Staff is essential to the district. They provide the best support in the smooth operation of offices, the safety and maintenance of buildings and property, and direct instruction of students.

This year’s recipients are:

High School

Lindy Thompson

Athletics & Activities Secretary

This is Lindy Thompson’s first year at Hermiston High School but as many of you know not her first in the district.  Lindy transferred from Sandstone Middle School where she was the lead secretary.  The athletic department has worked hard this year to help change the culture in the building, Lindy has been a key person in this restructuring process.  Though the school has a long way to go, with Lindy’s contagious smile and attitude I am sure that we will get there.  Congratulations to Lindy Thompson!

Joyce Wright

Campus Monitor

Joyce Wright is an outstanding representation of a person who is consistent and goes above and beyond to help students while at the same time holding them accountable.

She greets everyone with a smile, covers several miles per day ensuring that our students are making it to class, and builds lasting relationships with many of our students that are struggling. I would also add that Joyce is a bulldog when it comes to looking up incidences on the cameras saving both Michael and David hours of time.  Congratulations to Joyce Wright!

Armand Larive

Delia Lopez


Delia Lopez has worked for the Hermiston School District for multiple years.  Armand became the lucky building in 2014 when she joined the team.One staff member stated, “I appreciate her welcoming smile and that she wants things to be great for our students and staff.”

Delia takes great pride in keeping the building clean and after school activities prepared with gym set up and making sure youth programs are able to get into the building.  Mrs. Roberts has personally received phone calls from her when parents have arrived at school late at night wondering where their child was, to calm them as they find out that the away athletic event ran late and the bus is almost to Armand.  She has taken time out of her evening to find an administrator to assist a parent or child whom saw her and asked for help as she was cleaning.

Teachers appreciate how clean and organized their classroom is every morning.  Delia has the “Bullpup Pride” and we appreciate her warm, welcoming smile, hard work and dedication to be another amazing piece in making Armand great. Delia is a major contributor to the Armand Family!


Shou Yun Fan

Special Education Assistant

Shou Yun Fan is very good with special needs students.  You never see her frustrated.  She is always smiling and happy.  Yun is a dedicated, skilled, insightful and compassionate member of Sandstone, who goes above and beyond expectations to improve the education and quality of life for her students.  She inspires and motivates students through the use of humor, simple banter and fun engagement.  If students are having a bad day or resisting doing their work, she often redirects them by playing a game or creating a silly but directional phrase that gets them back on track.

Yun is also very self-motivated.  She has developed ways to collect and organize data that further drives instruction and improves outcomes in the classroom.  Thank you for demonstrating compassion and kindness towards others every day.  It is an absolute honor to have Yun as part of the Sandstone Staff.

Desert View

Serena Barker

Special Education Assistant

Serena Barker is an American Sign Language interpreter assigned to one student. She is a teacher to all of the students in her class. At times she is a co-teacher, colleague, sounding board, and a supportive friend. Desert View is fortunate to have her as part of the Coyote family.


Highland Hills

Sharla McDonald

Special Education Assistant

Sharla McDonald has a high level of devotion to educating all students. She is passionate, hard working and compassionate. Sharla jumps in and supports her students with every ounce of energy she has which is extremely contagious. Staff follow Sharla’s example leadership style, it is like having a second teacher in the classroom.

When visiting Highland Hills you will find an extremely efficient and dedicated classified staff and who is at the forefront? Sharla McDonald with a smile on her face and kids all around her. We are lucky to have Sharla at Highland Hills and most important our students are lucky to have spent their educational years with Sharla. Thank you Sharla for showing us what professionalism and dedication looks like. We are proud to stand beside you as a team member. Congratulations to a well deserving human being! Sharla McDonald, Highland Hills Classified Employee of the Year!

Rocky Heights

Nicole Malmberg

Special Education Assistant

Nicole Malmberg works tirelessly and absolutely loves what she does. She has a passion for all students, especially those with disabilities. This is a rare quality which demands a dedicated and special person to truly meet the needs of each student. Her commitment is beyond expectations and because of her, each student has a greater chance to reach their full potential. She truly wants what is best for our kids and sees the value in every single one of them.

One trait that I value highly in others is flexibility. In a profession that is centered around children who present diverse academic, behavioral, and social needs, people who can adjust to those ever-changing needs are the ones who not only last in the profession, but they are also the ones who can make the biggest difference. Mrs. Malmberg has this characteristic in spades. For these reasons Nicole Malmberg is Rocky’s Classified Employee of the Year.


Jennifer Morrell

Special Education Assistant

Jennifer Morrell is always there for students, staff and parents. She is passionate about her job and ready to assist no matter the situation, which makes her a valuable asset to Sunset and the Hermiston School District.  Her dedication to student safety throughout the day is unparalleled.  She will do whatever is asked of her and will step in anywhere when a student or staff member needs assistance.  Jennifer goes above & beyond in her duties as a para-educator.  She loves the kids and it shows through her actions.  Both Sunset and the Hermiston School District are lucky to have Mrs. Morrell.

West Park

Gaby Chora

Education Assistant

Gaby Chora is a model employee. She always comes to work and does her job with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Her attitude is contagious often making those around her feel better about their work. She has a pleasant way about her that seems to bring comfort and belonging to the students she works with.

Within the last year, Gaby has taken on more of a leadership role among her peers often bringing questions, concerns, and positive solutions to building administration.  Gaby is a critical part of West Park and is greatly appreciated by all staff!  Congratulations Gaby – this award is well deserved!”

District Office

Nancy Coria

Home Liaison

Nancy Coria is the go to gal! If assistance is ever needed for a project, like translating a handbook, or an opportunity for professional growth arises, or I just want to have a nice, friendly, and supportive conversation, Nancy is that person.

Nancy’s skill set is above par and HSD is lucky to have her! Nancy has dedicated her craft and expertise to HSD for 15 years! She loves the students and loves what she does. Nancy continues to grow as a professional. She is currently doing coursework to become a Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant. We are lucky to have her!





Yearn for learning

These amazing individuals were chosen as Classified Employees of the Year and reflect the diligent work that the rest of the classified staff does to ensure that  students are getting the best education.