After five months of in depth evaluation, the Citizens’ Review Committee presented its recommendation to the Board of Education at its March business meeting. The Committee recommended $104 million in capital needs for the next bond measure.

The Board-established CRC first met last October with the task of reviewing the 2008 school bond outcomes and evaluating the infrastructure challenges facing Hermiston School District – aging schools, high student enrollment growth, safety and security risks, and the district’s current tax burden – by building on prior work of the Facility Master Planning Committee, including its Comprehensive Facility Master Plan.

The CRC assessed the $131 million in total need outlined by the FMPC and prioritized it down to $104 million in identified projects, during its presentation to the BOE. Considering different package levels, starting at an ~$84 million minimum package, the committee recommended a ~$104 million improved package to meet the following needs:

  • Replace RHES with Prototypical Elementary School (identified in 2007 program)
  • Replace HHES in Lieu of Access/Safety and Engineering Upgrades With a Larger, Prototypical Elementary School
  • Build New Prototypical Elementary School (identified in 2007 program)
  • High School Expansion to 2000 Students
  • SMS Access/Safety and Engineering Upgrades

Work of the CRC is part two of a deliberate five phased approach to a potential capital construction bond tentatively planned for May, 2017.

  • 15nov-5PhasesPhase 1. Technical Analysis. Oct. ’13 – June ’15: Facility Master Planning Committee Work-research, data, and analysis performed
  • Phase 2. Focus Groups. Nov. ’15 – Mar. ’16: Citizens’ Review Committee/Staff & Consultant Involvement-CRC presents to Board in Mar. ’16, Develop school/stakeholder teams, Consultant procurement for technical assistance
  • Phase 3. Initial community outreach. Mar. ’16 – Jun. ’16: Initial Community Outreach and Feedback-Community interactions, Phone and other survey mechanisms
  • Phase 4. Community refinements. Jun. ’16 – Jan. ’17: Continued Community Outreach and Refinement-Additional input and feedback mechanisms, Credit rating analysis, Etc.
  • Phase 5. Ballot question consideration. Jan.’17 – May ’17: Board Considers Bond for May ’17 Election-Board authorizes bond, Community engagement and information opportunities, May ’17 election

The district will now proceed with Phase 3, including community outreach to gauge sentiment toward the recommended projects and work internally with staff, stakeholders, and consultants to identify educational specifications for each project. Schematic designs and project budgets will be prepared, and HSD will work with consultants to develop tax rate implications for both the recommended and minimum package concepts.

For more information on future planning, please visit the Facilities Planning web page.