Community favors $104 million bond question

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Fred Maiocco shared results of the first community attitude survey with the Board of Education at its May special meeting/work session. Between April 25 and April 30, 363 registered voters were surveyed by The Nelson Report, in order to gauge community sentiment for the proposed bond, project priorities, key messages, and tax rate.

According to an executive summary, 47 percent of voters were initially favorable to the $104 million question. That level of support grew to 63 percent favorable when voters learned that the bond would include substantial safety and security upgrades and bring relief to overcrowding in schools.

The survey also confirmed the most urgent priorities for the district: replacement of Rocky Heights Elementary School, constructing an additional elementary school, expanding Hermiston High School, other district wide improvements, and replacement of Highland Hills Elementary School.

In a side-by-side comparison, voters were asked to consider a smaller package recommendation of $84 million, which would eliminate the replacement of Highland Hills Elementary School. The $104 million bond measure was 11 points more favorable than the smaller package, with the strongest support coming from 35-44 and 18-24 year olds.

In a statement, Dr. Fred Maiocco said, “This initial survey result is very favorable and indicates the community recognizes the challenges that come with student enrollment growth. We will continue to share more about these challenges with the community throughout the summer and fall.”

Hermiston School District is considering a proposed bond program totaling $104 million for consideration by voters in May 2017.

15nov-5PhasesThe survey, conducted in late April, is part of the district’s community outreach effort. Previous phases involved focus groups and technical analysis, including committee work by the Citizens’ Review Committee and the Facility Master Planning Committee.

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Committee recommends $104M in capital needs

After five months of in depth evaluation, the Citizens’ Review Committee presented its recommendation to the Board of Education at its March business meeting. The Committee recommended $104 million in capital needs for the next bond measure.

The Board-established CRC first met last October with the task of reviewing the 2008 school bond outcomes and evaluating the infrastructure challenges facing Hermiston School District – aging schools, high student enrollment growth, safety and security risks, and the district’s current tax burden – by building on prior work of the Facility Master Planning Committee, including its Comprehensive Facility Master Plan.

The CRC assessed the $131 million in total need outlined by the FMPC and prioritized it down to $104 million in identified projects, during its presentation to the BOE. Considering different package levels, starting at an ~$84 million minimum package, the committee recommended a ~$104 million improved package to meet the following needs:

  • Replace RHES with Prototypical Elementary School (identified in 2007 program)
  • Replace HHES in Lieu of Access/Safety and Engineering Upgrades With a Larger, Prototypical Elementary School
  • Build New Prototypical Elementary School (identified in 2007 program)
  • High School Expansion to 2000 Students
  • SMS Access/Safety and Engineering Upgrades

Work of the CRC is part two of a deliberate five phased approach to a potential capital construction bond tentatively planned for May, 2017.

  • 15nov-5PhasesPhase 1. Technical Analysis. Oct. ’13 – June ’15: Facility Master Planning Committee Work-research, data, and analysis performed
  • Phase 2. Focus Groups. Nov. ’15 – Mar. ’16: Citizens’ Review Committee/Staff & Consultant Involvement-CRC presents to Board in Mar. ’16, Develop school/stakeholder teams, Consultant procurement for technical assistance
  • Phase 3. Initial community outreach. Mar. ’16 – Jun. ’16: Initial Community Outreach and Feedback-Community interactions, Phone and other survey mechanisms
  • Phase 4. Community refinements. Jun. ’16 – Jan. ’17: Continued Community Outreach and Refinement-Additional input and feedback mechanisms, Credit rating analysis, Etc.
  • Phase 5. Ballot question consideration. Jan.’17 – May ’17: Board Considers Bond for May ’17 Election-Board authorizes bond, Community engagement and information opportunities, May ’17 election

The district will now proceed with Phase 3, including community outreach to gauge sentiment toward the recommended projects and work internally with staff, stakeholders, and consultants to identify educational specifications for each project. Schematic designs and project budgets will be prepared, and HSD will work with consultants to develop tax rate implications for both the recommended and minimum package concepts.

For more information on future planning, please visit the Facilities Planning web page.

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New Schools Retain History

Release Date: 08/26/2011

construction-blog-alms-saving-history-1 construction-blog-wpes-saving-history construction-blog-alms-saving-history

While much has been made about how the new schools incorporate the most modern technology, we haven’t talked much about the efforts made by District staff, the contractors and volunteers to insure each new facility

retains important aspects of its history.

These photos show how each new school incorporated a unique element of its past, giving the staff, students and community an important link to our rich history.

At Sunset Elementary the old facade to the original Union High School will provide a portal to the grassy sloped area and the football field below. I’ve heard several folks comment that this area will likely become Hermiston’s premier sledding area each winter.

At West Park Elementary, the contractor carefully relocated the large tile mural from the old school. This mural was created by staff and students in 1999 and provides a cheerful focal point to the front of the new school.

At Armand Larive a team of dedicated volunteers, led by David Bothum, carefully salvaged the center court logo from the old gym floor and mounted it on the wall of the new gymnasium, creating a striking connection between the current generation of students and all those from the past.

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Desert View Student Drop Off Improvements Underway

construction-blog-dves-project-1While most of the District Wide Capital Improvement Projects are finishing up in time for the start of school there is one project that has just begun.

Crews recently began work on improvements to the North parking lot at Desert View Elementary.  The purpose of this project is to improve the traffic patterns to make parent drop off and pick up more efficient and increase safety.  When complete there will be a new entrance off of Johns Street and the whole lot will be wider and easier to navigate.  This project is expected to take about six weeks.

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Summer Projects Near Completion

construction-blog-hsd-security-upgrade-1 construction-blog-hhs-lockerroom-4With just a couple of weeks left the summer projects are nearing completion!  The new lockers have arrived and are being installed in the high school locker rooms while flooring is going down in the fitness room and tile is being grouted everywhere.  Many cameras have been mounted and can be seen now on the outside of the High School as well as the other schools.  There is much left to be done in order to be ready for students and staff so our construction crew will keep their heads down right on through completion.

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Videos of ALMS demolition

The demolition of the Armand Larive building was certainly a site to see!

ALMS Science Teacher Rob Doherty was on hand to witness much of the destruction. He recorded some footage, which he has shared.

Go to YouTube to watch his videos.

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Sizzling Summer Progress

We have made the turn and are officially on the down hill side of our Summer construction time frame!

The projects are moving along nicely and we are beginning to see some things reach completion. The carpet replacements at Sandstone and Rocky Heights are completed now and the paving is complete at Highland Hills. At the High School, the copy center will be completed and ready for move-in next week and the locker room, fitness room and restroom areas are starting to receive finishes with tile and paint already underway. At the same time, cameras and door access hardware is popping up in all the buildings. The whole construction team has their collective foot mashed down firmly on the gas pedal and is doing a great job of steering towards a successful completion!





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District Wide Projects Update

The work on the District Wide Capital Improvement Projects is proceeding as scheduled

which sounds like a mundane statement, but it is actually quite a feat considering the aggressive nature of the summer time frame. An incredible amount of work is being completed in just 40 working days. The District is lucky to have a great CM/GC partner in P&C Construction who is doing a great job keeping track of the various tasks and sequences. Keep up the good work everyone!

New locker bases being poured in High School locker rooms.


New sidewalk and asphalt at Highland Hills.


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ALMS Nears Completion

construction-blog-alms-construction-ongoing-4The General Contractor is putting the final touches on the new Armand Larive Middle School as cleaning crews remove the last signs of construction activities. This week all the new furniture is being delivered. Next week moving crews will complete moving existing furniture and supplies from the old ALMS. School district staff will begin using the new facility the week of July 25th.

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District Wide Improvement Projects Demo Phase Complete

The demolition phase of the district wide improvement projects is mostly completed and the new work has begun. One of the goals of the High School locker room remodel project was to investigate and correct some suspected water damage within the existing walls of the shower areas. Because of concerns raised by the Districts maintenance personnel, these walls were opened up. As a result we found that most of the existing metal stud framing was rusted. In fact, many of the studs had rusted completely through and were not even in contact with the slab at all anymore. Thanks to a proactive approach, this problem is being corrected and measures are being taken to prevent a similar condition in the future. And all of this is happening before the condition became a deterrent to the use of the facility and the safety of its occupants. Nice work everyone!




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