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Videos of ALMS demolition

The demolition of the Armand Larive building was certainly a site to see!

ALMS Science Teacher Rob Doherty was on hand to witness much of the destruction. He recorded some footage, which he has shared.

Go to YouTube to watch his videos.

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Sizzling Summer Progress

We have made the turn and are officially on the down hill side of our Summer construction time frame!

The projects are moving along nicely and we are beginning to see some things reach completion. The carpet replacements at Sandstone and Rocky Heights are completed now and the paving is complete at Highland Hills. At the High School, the copy center will be completed and ready for move-in next week and the locker room, fitness room and restroom areas are starting to receive finishes with tile and paint already underway. At the same time, cameras and door access hardware is popping up in all the buildings. The whole construction team has their collective foot mashed down firmly on the gas pedal and is doing a great job of steering towards a successful completion!





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District Wide Projects Update

The work on the District Wide Capital Improvement Projects is proceeding as scheduled

which sounds like a mundane statement, but it is actually quite a feat considering the aggressive nature of the summer time frame. An incredible amount of work is being completed in just 40 working days. The District is lucky to have a great CM/GC partner in P&C Construction who is doing a great job keeping track of the various tasks and sequences. Keep up the good work everyone!

New locker bases being poured in High School locker rooms.


New sidewalk and asphalt at Highland Hills.


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ALMS Nears Completion

construction-blog-alms-construction-ongoing-4The General Contractor is putting the final touches on the new Armand Larive Middle School as cleaning crews remove the last signs of construction activities. This week all the new furniture is being delivered. Next week moving crews will complete moving existing furniture and supplies from the old ALMS. School district staff will begin using the new facility the week of July 25th.

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District Wide Improvement Projects Demo Phase Complete

The demolition phase of the district wide improvement projects is mostly completed and the new work has begun. One of the goals of the High School locker room remodel project was to investigate and correct some suspected water damage within the existing walls of the shower areas. Because of concerns raised by the Districts maintenance personnel, these walls were opened up. As a result we found that most of the existing metal stud framing was rusted. In fact, many of the studs had rusted completely through and were not even in contact with the slab at all anymore. Thanks to a proactive approach, this problem is being corrected and measures are being taken to prevent a similar condition in the future. And all of this is happening before the condition became a deterrent to the use of the facility and the safety of its occupants. Nice work everyone!




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Full Speed Ahead for District Wide Capital Improvement Projects

Ready… Set…Go!

School is out for the summer and that means that beginning today the District Wide Projects are in full swing. The construction crews are beginning the demolition work in the High School locker rooms, fitness room, public restrooms and copy center in order to prepare the spaces for their new features and fresh finishes. Highland Hills Elementary will also begin seeing some action onsite as the jobsite is prepared for revisions to the student and bus drop-off areas. At the same time crews are busy moving furniture and equipment to accomodate the new carpets that will be installed throughout Sandstone Middle School and parts of Rocky Heights Elementary. The construction team did a great job of preparing for the start of full scale operations and expects to keep up this blistering pace throughtout the summer. Great start!

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District Wide Security and Access Upgrade is Underway

P&C Construction, our CM/GC contractor for the District Wide Capital Improvement Projects, has awarded the subcontract for the access and security bid package (Bid Package 1). The subcontractor for this work is Ednetics and they have already begun pulling wire at the high school in order to get a jump on the short summer timeline. When this work is complete we will have new card access and security camera systems at all District facilities. This will be a welcome improvement to the safety and security of the Districts staff and students.

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ALMS Solar Panels

Shortly before we began design work on our new schools the Oregon Legislature enacted a law requiring all publically funded construction projects spend at least 1.5% of their budget on solar energy technology. Our engineering team concluded the most efficient way to comply with this requirement was to install one large solar system on the new ALMS gym roof.



Over the last few days crews have been installing a unique solar “tube” system that takes advantage of the reflective white roof surface as well as direct sun exposure and maintains its efficiency regardless of the sun’s orientation. The system is capable of producing approximately 80 KW of energy. While this is not enough electricity to power the entire middle school it will significantly reduce the School District’s annual power bill.

We have also incorporated easy and safe access to the roof so teachers and students will have the ability to incorporate the solar technology into their curriculum.

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Sunset Demo Begins

Immediately after the spring break move to the new Sunset Elementary crews began removing asbestos containing roofing materials from the old school. With the abatement nearly complete demolition crews have begun tearing the building down. The demolition work will take about four weeks, after which time work will begin on the bus loop and staff parking areas.

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New Sunset Elementary opens

Release Date: 03/29/2011

Sunset Elementary School students were welcomed by building and Hermiston School District staff, as well as Board members, as they arrived for their first day of school in their new building.

A formal Ribbon Cutting ceremony will be held Saturday, April 9, 2011, at 10:00 a.m. to commemorate the opening of the new campus.

The official groundbreaking for the replacement school was held in April, 2010. Now, a year later, the school opened to its first occupants after Spring Break. The opening is five months ahead of the previously scheduled opening, originally slated for August, prior to the start of the 2011-12 school year.

The public is welcome and invited to celebrate the opening with a tour of the new facility on the 9th, following the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Sunset serves just over 500 students from kindergarten through fifth grade with about 29 teachers and 19 support staff.

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