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Board Meeting Canceled–January 9, 2017

Due to the road conditions and weather, the school board meeting scheduled for Monday, January 9 has been canceled. We will be recognizing our Educators of the Year at the Board’s work session on Monday, January 23. The meeting will be held in the Boardroom at 5:30 p.m.

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School canceled–Monday, January 9, 2017

Due to road and weather conditions there will be no school tomorrow, Monday, January 9.  All athletic events scheduled for tomorrow are also cancelled.

Debido a las condiciones de la carretera y clima no habrá clases mañana, lunes, 9 de enero. Los eventos deportivos programados para mañana también se cancelan.

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January is School Board Recognition Month

Hermiston School District observes the month of January as “School Board Recognition Month.” It is a time to salute the work of seven elected officials who volunteer their time to serve as school board members, on four year terms. The district joins 197 school districts throughout Oregon to celebrate the volunteers’ commitment to service and public education.

“Our school board members spend countless hours of unpaid time working to provide the best possible education for our students,” said Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Fred Maiocco. “They serve as a board of directors to the fourth largest employer in the community. Celebrating our school board is one way to thank them for all they do.”

We salute our school board members:

  • Chair Karen Sherman—retired middle school teacher, serving since 2001.
  • Vice-Chair Ginny Holthus—contract accountant, serving since 2009.
  • Josh Goller—insurance agent, serving since 2015.
  • Bonnie Luisi—retired special education para-educator, serving since 2016.
  • Jason Middleton—director of grain operations, serving since 2008.
  • Don Rankin—retired employee for the State Parks and Recreation Department, serving since 2005.
  • Dave Smith—small business owner, serving since 2011.

The seven board members adopt policies and make decisions that help shape the future of our district and our education system. They provide oversight of an $81 million annual budget, over 5600 students, 17 administrators, about 300 teachers and 250 support staff, in eleven buildings (8 schools, Life Skills, maintenance, and the district office building).

The board members represent their fellow citizens’ views and priorities in the complex enterprise of maintaining and running the community’s public schools. They also reinforce the principle of local control over public education, which is an important, highly valued aspect of education in Oregon.

During the month of January, each board member is recognized by a school within the district. Each school is creative in how they highlight the Board; members may be recognized at a student body assembly, lunch with students, or bulletin boards and decorations hung in their honor. The district will acknowledge the Board at its regular January meeting, where Superintendent Maiocco will proclaim January School Board Recognition Month and hold a social to honor the members.

“Even though we take the month of January to show appreciation for our school board members, we recognize their contributions reflect a year-round effort,” said Dr. Maiocco. “We don’t want their efforts to go unnoticed.”

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2 Hour Late Start–Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Hermiston School District is on a two-hour late start today, Tuesday, January 3, due to inclement weather.

Las clases para el Distrito Escolar de Hermiston comenzaran dos horas más tarde, hoy, martes, 3 de enero, debido al mal clima.

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HHS students win 2016 Congressional App Challenge

Liebe, Cash, Hozi

Left to right: Jordan Liebe, Courtney Cash, Marvin Hozi

Three Hermiston High School students recently received notification from Congressman Greg Walden’s office that they were winners of the 2016 Congressional App Challenge for Oregon’s District 2. Computer science students Jordan Liebe, Courtney Cash, and Marvin Hozi developed a “Touch and Talk” Chrome App with the assistance of Robert Theriault, their computer science teacher, during an Intervention & Exploration period.

The need for the application arose from the Hermiston School District Special Programs Department, where staff were looking for ways to give non-verbal students a way to communicate.

The HHS students coded an application that allows students to “say” common phrases used at school such as answers (1-4, A-D, true/false) and other requests such as “may I have a pencil,” simply by clicking/touching a button. The team first built a web page, but there was a delay for each word as it was downloaded. The Chrome App does not have any delay. The student-created application can be used with the Makey Makey’s were recently purchased by the special education teachers, thanks to a grant received through the Hermiston Education Foundation (HEF).

Over the last four months, thousands of students coded original apps as part of a congressional district-wide competition, hosted by members of the House of Representatives. Over 2,150 students participated in the 15-week regional competition, and 650 original student-created apps were submitted from 123 Congressional Districts.

Liebe, Cash, and Hozi, as well as other Congressional App Challenge winners, have been invited to showcase their app to the members of Congress and members of the tech community at #HouseOfCode, a Washington, D.C., based reception in April 2017. The students’ work will be featured for one year on permanent display in the U.S. Capitol Building and on the House.gov website. Winning students will also be awarded a portion of $50,000 in credits, donated by Amazon web services.

To see a complete list of all the 2016 Congressional App Challenge winners, go to http://www.congressionalappchallenge.us/2016-winners/. To see a video on how the Touch and Talk app works visit https://youtu.be/F40GcrXZySU

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School canceled – Friday, December 16, 2016

Classes for the Hermiston School District are canceled for Friday, December 16, 2016 due to road and weather conditions. Packed snow and ice on roadways and dropping temperatures create unsafe conditions for students waiting at bus stops and walking to and from school.

The Pathways to Scholarship Workshop scheduled for this Saturday at the high school is canceled.

Las clases para el Distrito Escolar de Hermiston se han cancelado para el viernes, 16 de diciembre del 2016 debido a las condiciones de las carreteras. Las carreteras cubiertas de nieve y hielo y las temperaturas que están bajando crean condiciones no muy seguras para nuestros estudiantes que tienen que esperar los autobuses o los que tienen que caminar hacia la escuela y de la escuela.

El taller “En Camino a las Becas” programado para este sábado, en la preparatoria se ha cancelado.

Por favor sepa que, si usa una aplicación para traducir este mensaje, le proveerá una traducción literal, y el mensaje puede ser malinterpretado.

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School canceled – Thursday, December 15, 2016

Classes for the Hermiston School District are canceled for tomorrow, Thursday, December 15, due to inclement weather.

Please stay tuned to local media outlets, the district Facebook page, and the district’s web site for updates.


Las clases se han cancelado – jueves, 15 de diciembre del 2016
Las clases para el Distrito Escolar de Hermiston se han cancelado para mañana, jueves, 15 de diciembre, debido al mal clima.

Por favor sintonice los medios locales como radio y televisión y nuestra página en Facebook y el sitio del distrito para obtener los avisos más recientes.

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HHS classes resume Monday, after incident

Hermiston High School experienced a water line break in its fire suppression system Thursday afternoon, causing administration to release high school students early. District staff quickly arrived on site to assess the situation and begin repairing the damage. As a result of the fast response, school is on track to reopen Monday, with only two classrooms inaccessible and requiring further drying time.

A damage assessment found that air froze in a 90-degree elbow of the main fire suppression line above the 1992 wing (math and science hall). A weak spot in the elbow burst, flooding water into the hallway and classrooms, leading to the decision to release students early from school on Thursday.

The affected area includes much of the wing, the kitchen, and the main commons. Damage was isolated to rugs and a few walls. No classroom technology appears to be affected at this time. The district’s on-site contractor, with support from district maintenance staff, contained much of the damage.

Electrical power should be restored to the wing this afternoon, and an insurance adjuster will be on site.

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School canceled, December 9, 2016

Classes for the Hermiston School District are canceled for Friday, December 9, 2016, due to inclement weather. Saturday School is cancelled at Hermiston High School.

Athletic contests and activities that are scheduled for Saturday will remain scheduled at the discretion of the athletic department.

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Newer schools prove big savings to district

The Hermiston School District recently did a cost analysis to evaluate energy efficiencies of our older schools in comparison to our new schools and other improvements that were made since 2011. The cost analysis revealed that while we added 27,000 square feet to our existing facilities, the total district wide utility savings over five years has been $846,075.39.

The total cost per square footage has been reduced by 20 percent. The cost savings puts the district in the top 20 percent of schools in cost per student and cost per square foot. The district’s goal is to move to the top 10 percent.

The savings are attributed to the following:

  • Three older schools were replaced: Armand Larive, Sunset and West Park
  • Dilapidated boilers were replaced which cut down on our heating expenses
  • Encelium lightning management system
  • Computer and communication management
  • Solar panels at ALMS

Three of our older schools were replaced; Armand Larive, Sunset and West Park. Old HVAC systems that could only be manually controlled were replaced with news systems that are web based and provide immediate access for system management.

The district has 544 devices which are monitored and controlled by the building management system controller hardware and programming. These devices range from terminal units or thermostats, to air handlers, fan coils, domestic hot water heaters, boilers and chillers, pumps and frequency drives.

The variable frequency drives allow motors responsible for moving air or liquids to run at varying speeds. In the last year, the Hermiston School District made approximately 500 individual HVAC programming modifications to accommodate events in the schools outside the normal occupied building schedule. This scheduling strikes a pleasant balance in being fiscally responsible while ensuring the comfort of our staff, students and patrons.

The Encelium lighting management system is a flexible and cost effective way to manage a lighting space. It is one of the only lighting systems that can gather data from a range of lighting components to tailor lighting usage with the changing requirements of the building. The Encelium system allows the district to maintain optimum lighting, use occupancy sensors, harvest natural light, and reduce lighting during non-use hours.

The computer and communication management system allowed the district to increase the amount of cameras and access control systems to improve safety and security in our schools, increased the amount of mobile devices, improved classroom technology, and centralized district technology.

The district will continue to evaluate all programs to further maximize energy efficiencies; lower operating costs means more money that can be redirected into the classroom.

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