Hermiston High School is opening a new parking lot on January 2, 2018, via Orchard Avenue. The north parking lot was created to assist with traffic congestion and provide additional student parking.

Students will be able to access the building through the doors by the weight room, and will follow the same open/lock schedule as the purple gym doors.

All buses will continue to enter the school via the northern First Street entrance and exit out of the southern First Street driveway. Parents may continue to drop off students via the Highland Avenue entrance and either drop students off in front of the school (exiting out the southern First St. exit) or on the southern side of the high school along Highland Avenue (exiting out the western Highland Avenue exit).

“Parking has been an ongoing issue at the high school, and is our hope this parking addition will alleviate many of these issues,” said Director of Operations Brad Wayland.

On January 2, ASB students will greet the first 200 students that enter the school using the new parking lot with hot chocolate.